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Hi Joe, I've bought your book "Your best triathlon" and love it. The training programs are well explained and the steps are easy to follow, but I've encountered a problem in base 3. In the Ironman-program (p. 169)the weekly ME for bike is 1.30-2.00h. The suggested way to do this is explained on p. 155 and is 10-30 min hill rides. If I go 30 min in the hills what should I do the remainig 1.30? Is this the warm up and cool down, should I also include some of the intervals described in base2 or have I misunderstood.


Joe Friel

Martin--Just ride above z1 (recovery).

Darren Knight

Hi Joe, touching on the start of the article, is there any point if you ride 6hrs at Ironman on race day is there any point in doing a 7hr training ride in Base 3 preparation?

Joe Friel

Darren Knight--I think a 7h ride is probably ok (I don't know anything about you so making assumptions here). Is it better than a 6h ride? Maybe, but not hugely. If 7h is good would 8h be better? I doubt it. The longer the workout the more plateau'ing there is in the fitness gains while "risk" (injury, burnout, illness, overtraining) becomes increasingly greater. But there is, indeed, something to be said for getting ready mentally, if not physically, for a long day.

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