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Michael Wentland

Really looking forward to the next one. I live in the Northeast, so I spend a lot of time on rollers and XC skis. Once I get on the road, I tend to rely more on PE than a HR Monitor. I'm hoping you shed some light on whether this could be good or bad.



A neat article supporting this concept by Hausswirth et al (2010) is in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. All of the ITU championship triathletes began their run (1st km) 10% faster than their 10km race pace. Starting the run in the first km 5% slower (then finishing "as fast as they could, like in a race) led to faster 10km run times all around. Patience and pacing are often-forgotten keys to performance.


Thanks so much for this series on Pacing. I'm an intermediate level cross country skier and I find a lot of similarity between skiing and mountain bike racing. The ability to go anaerobic at the start of races and on hills then quickly recover is key. I def need to work on my pacing and practice these skills for the remainder of this season and next year.

Steve Christensen

Excellent explanation! This doesn't make training for variable effort racing, but it changes my perspective on training leading up to key races.

Stuart Lynne

Some numbers... for a local course with a 1.3km 4% climb, doing the climb starting at the front with the goal of being the last person not dropped... changes it from a 2:30 minute L5/L6 interval to a 2:50 L4/L5 interval. Much easier to do eight reps of that and still be fresh for the finish.

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