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Joe, do you have any plans for a similar with “Your Best Triathlon” book, oriented to cyclists?

Joe Friel

Christopher--I don't have such a book for cyclists (yet). But I do have plans for road riders. Go to the following website and scroll to bottom for list... http://home.trainingpeaks.com/training-and-nutrition-plans/featured-authors/joe-friel.aspx?l=3599

triathlon training

Your Best Triathlon is for those experienced athletes who want detailed guidance on how to train with a generic plan (based on your goal-race distance). It’s much as if I was coaching you.



I've been reading through Your Best Triathlon and noticed that the weekly schedules would be identical in the period. Does this seem right? Or would one work out work on one speed skill and the next week on that same day would be a different skill? I just don't see the variety from week to week within a certain period. Are there some examples of training weeks in a certain period like say base 3 or something?

Joe Friel

iFreedom--You should work on the speed skills that are your limiters. For example, if pedaling skills (perhaps not engaging the pedal early enough in the downstroke) is a limiter then you need to do drills that improve this (e.g., isolated leg training). Everyone is unique so the book can't suggest what is necessarily best for you to work on.


Thanks Joe. I have both training bible and best triathlon. Best Triathlon you prescribe one type of Fo WO for each swim bike run and bible has more. Do you advise to pick WO's from either book? Best triathlon talks about 6 strides / revolutions for Force where bible prescribes different types all together. I think the MEs are different as well.


BTW Joe, I've been following your book and worked on strides focus on mid foot and my Z2 run speed has increased by 40sec/km and swim has increased by 20"/100m which is phenomanal improvement! I hope to crush July's HIM!

Joe Friel

IFreedom--Your Best Tri is the more recent and up to date. Follow it. Good luck!


I just read base 3 and training for HIM. ME wos in base 3 are described as 5' hills with a total duration of 10-30mins. but the wo at the end of the chapter shows ME (or ME+Fo) for up to 2hrs on the bike and 1hr on the run. What do I do for the remaining time if the drills is only 10-30m? Z2? more Z3 drills like base 2? Also, what is the difference between ME and a ME+Fo wo in Base 3? Thanks in advance!

Joe Friel

iFreedom - Warm-up, cool down, skills drills, enjoyment of the view and life itself. ME+Fo is a combination of an ME workout followed by a Force workout within the same session (or the other way around.)


Hi Joe. I'm now in peak phase for HIM but am wondering about race pacing. you prescribe 5x20' Z3 on Sundays up to now. On race day do I ride the whole 90km at Z3 then hit the run Z3-5 race pace? BTW PR'd my Olympic swim; it went from a slow slow 40' last season to 32'!! No question my swim needed work, but 8' is huge! You're book has been fantastic to say the least!

Joe Friel

iFreedom--By now you should have a good idea of how z3 feels and should have a sense of how well you would do in holding that intensity on race day. This largely comes down to how long you think it should take given experience from past races and training. The pros will race it in z4 but then they are not out there very long. Someone racing it in 3+ hours is likely to want to be in z2. Between these extremes are most other athletes and they are likely to be in z3. If you are wise you will be riding at about 95% of what you could do if there was no run after. That 5% you hold back will leave you with the legs to actually run the entire 13.1 miles. At this point I wouldn't be too concerned with zones. Just run how you feel. Good luck!

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