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Joe Friel

CutLaRock--Yes, it would be a good idea to start climbing frequently. Good luck!

Patrik Hast

Hi Joe,

I have two main questions I hope you can help me with;

1. During base 2 there is a workout with hill ride-long climbs, which you recommend heartrate z2-4. Do you have any recommendation for how long climbs and how many during (how much "rest" between) for example a 2h ride? Which hr zone should I stay in between climbs?

2. You have a recommendation in your book about the daily training hours. I have also read your earlier thoughts about training 4vs5 days. If I train 10-11(400h/y) weeks during base and my mtb races during summer will last about 2h - 3.5h - should I still do 5 times a week with the longest ride at 3h as you recommend? A local coach recommended me to do at least 4h rides once a week but then I only will have 4 workouts a week. What will the difference be between longer but fewer workouts and more frequent but shorter? What is most beneficial?

Best Regards

Joe Friel

Patrik Hast--Wow, lots of questions. I'm afraid I can't dig into all of them as there just isn't time. I'm much more likely to answer one well-stated question than a half dozen. Time is the issue here. It would take a chapter in a book to cover what you need to understand about all of these. I can only suggest that you read my Mountain Biker's Training Bible carefully and think your way through how the info there would apply to your situation.

Patrik Hast

Thank you for your answer and sorry for that :) Maybe I can change my questions a bit?

1. Which would you say is most effective if you have to choose (yes I know it depends:) ), train four days a week but longer rides or five days a week and shorter rides?

2. I have both your books, training bible for mtb (2000) and training bible for cyclist (2009). As a mtb cyclist should I use your MTB book, or would you rather recommend your latest one, when planning workouts? Im thinking science perspective and changes being made during that many years?

Thanks in advance!

Joe Friel

Patrik Hast--Yes, you're right: lots of "it depends." But in general, frequency trumps duration, in my opinion (so long as the difference between "long" and "short" isn't huge).

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